Allergens & Additives
Kindly note the allergens & additives in our products listed below:

Substances subject to mandatory declaration

1 Antioxidants 2 Emulsifiers 3 Colorings 4 Flavor enhancers 5 Preserving agents 6 Nitrite curing salt 7 Stabilizers 8 Acidifiers 9 Sweeteners 10 Thickeners 11 Sulfured

Ingredients capable of triggering allergies and intolerances
A Eggs / Egg products B Peanuts / Peanut products C Fish / Fish products D Cereals containing gluten E Crustaceans / Crustacean products F Lupins / Lupin products G Milk / Milk products H Nuts I Sulfur dioxide / Sulfite J Celery / Celery products K Mustard / Mustard products L Sesame / Sesame products M Soya / Soya products N Mollusks / Mollusk products

We would like to point out that despite the greatest possible care being taken, our food may contain minor traces of allergens other than those declared due to the manual production of the food.

The beverages and equipment for your daily stand catering will be supplied to you on the last setup day.

Please note the minimum order quantity and value for food. The
minimum order value is EUR 800.00 net per initial order plus transport costs. Additional orders are not subject to a minimum order value.