Offers Stürzer Caternig GmbH

Stürzer Catering GmbH
Ehamostraße 12 / 85658 Egmating bei München / Germany
Tel. +49 8095 906670 / Fax +49 8095 2577 /

During the fair additional orders for the following exhibition day can be placed until 2. p.m under the phone number: 08095/9066 70.

Every Delivery to your exhibition booth on the exhibition ground will be charged with 20,00 € net. Afterwards it will be accounted in the final invoice.

Deliverys to conference rooms will only be provied if we support your main booth on the exhibition ground.

The minimum order value for the first order must be 500,00 € net at least. Addtionally will be charged the delivery costs of 20,00 €. Additional orders get no minium order value.

On the last exhibition day, when the official fair is over we will collect all the rented items, used crates and full crates from your booth. Please ensure that we only credit full and sorted crates. Food can not be credited. The fee for the return of the full crates will be charged with 5,00 € each crate.

The customer takes the full responsibilty for all rented items and equipment from the first delivery until the retrun on the last exhibition day.

Offers Stürzer Caternig GmbH